“[Dr. Cain] is just wonderful. I have been going to him for years, he is so understanding and compassionate.

“[The staff] is wonderful. They are compassionate, making sure I’m comfortable and that appointments are scheduled for my convenience.”

— B. Duncan

“[Dr. Cain] has been taking care of my eyes for 25-30 years, and he took care of my parents’ eyes. If I had children, he would be taking care of theirs. When I moved to Nashville I changed all of my doctors, all except him. I cannot give him up, I trust him so much. He is just so excellent. He listens, and responds to all of my questions.

“[The staff] is very friendly, very concerned, and very professional. I never leave without being asked if I need sunglasses.

“Convenient to both Decatur and Huntsville. If I had to make the drive from Nashville to Decatur once a month, I would.”

— J. Wicks

“On a scale of 1-10, [Dr. Cain] is up there at 10. He is such a good man, [and] he’s got a good staff.

“He went out of his way to make sure that I was alright, I just love him.

“[His office] is really convenient in the way it’s situated, I’m from Hartselle and I would say it’s convenient for everyone.

“I think the world of his whole crew.

“I would refer him to anyone.”

— B. Herbert

“We wouldn’t go to anyone else because he cares about his patients.

“Very convenient location”

— M. Marlar

“[Dr. Cain] is absolutely wonderful, my husband goes regularly, he has been so attentive. He is very caring, and knowledgeable. He knows what he’s doing and explains things well.

“[His staff] knows what they’re doing, they’re professional, just great.

“His follow-up treatments are very convenient, he knows exactly when to schedule us to come back so there isn’t too long between visits which is very import with glaucoma patients.

“I can’t say enough good things.

“I would recommend him. I have. Whoever could see him would be so glad.”

— L. Hamilton

“I would describe his skill level as exceptional.

“He has a great staff. [They are] very well organized, courteous, willing to help you and notify you of upcoming appointments. Terrific, and truly professional.

“[Dr. Cain] Gives you the information you need to know, and answers your questions. He made me feel comfortable.

“Very convenient location.

“Highly recommended. I would rate him top of the line.

“Always a positive experience. He has treated several members of my family as well, and they are all very pleased. All-in-all, [Dr. Cain] is an all around professional.”

— J. Journey